Release  Notes

01.08.00 Waterside

Development Started Date: 21st October, 2022

Progress: In development 

Released: to be determined

What’s in this Release:

    Bug Fixes & Improvement

    01.07.00 Maitlandfield

    Development Started Date: 14th June, 2022

    Progress: 6th August, 2022: Currently with Apple for App Store Review 

    Released: 20th October, 2022

    What’s in this Release:

    • Bug fixes, code review

      Bug Fixes & Improvements:

      • [Fix] MacOS App Crash on Clann Directory Selection
      • [Fix] MacOS Screen details disappearing on screen resize
      • [Fix] MacOS Screen minimum size fixed to acceptable size
      • [Update] MacOS updated to latest version of RevenueCat (v4)

      01.06.00 Pheasant

      Development Started Date: 4th May, 2022

      Released: 12th June, 2022

      What’s in this Release:

      • Image Grid Layouts
        • P-Interest style display cards for Image Collections
        • Flow grid style display cards for Image Collections
      • Android App (in development)!

        Bug Fixes & Improvements:

        • [Fix] Prevent Clann Elders from seeing other Clann Elders messages.
          • Limit Clann Elders to only seeing messages to them when they are currently viewing their own Clann
        • [Fix] Allow Clann to enable ‘Contact Us’ even if global messaging is disabled
        • [Fix] 2 article video playback on Members pages

        01.05.00 Mercat

        Released: 3rd May, 2022

        Note that this version was delayed due to work carried out on Android Version of Clanns Online App

        What’s Coming:

        • Contact Us!
          • Message the Clann owner directly
          • Leave a message and see their replies
        • Image Grid Layouts
          • Carousel Cards with full zoom

         Bug Fixes & Improvements

        • Clann Directory selection view improved
        • Main view image resized
        • User Profile Updates
          • ‘Star Member’ tag
          • Join Date

        01.04.00 Plough

        Released: 21st March, 2022

        What’s Coming:

        • More image grid layouts – Moved to 01.05.00
          • PInterest style image style layout
          • Carousel image grid layout
        • Messaging*
          • Leave a message for others to see regarding the content 
          • See who’s left messages on the content and reply to them
        • Notifications
          • When Clanns update their information you currently don’t know anything new is available
          • Allow App notifications and you’ll get a friendly reminder that there’s something new in the App worth checking out (you’ll be able to opt out of this via Apple’s Settings App)
          • Note we’re planning on only implementing the badges not the rather annoying Alarm bell! 🙂

         Bug Fixes & Improvements

        • Code tidy up

        * Messaging (User Generated Content) requires you to confirm you understand the Messaging Guidelines on the Clanns Online App Terms and Conditions for posting content.  Content that is deemed by us to contravene any aspect of these guidelines or the UK’s Online Safety Bill in what is termed ‘Illegal Content’ will be removed by us and you may be reported to the authorities.  Use this feature responsibly

        01.03.00 Railway

        Released: 23rd February, 2022

        What’s New

        • Waterfall and Waterfall Card image grids
          • These new layouts allow Clanns to showcase their latest material in a grid of images
          • Any image in the grid is tappable for closer image inspection via zooming and panning

         Bug Fixes & Improvements

        • Update targetted iOS Devices running iOS 11.5

        01.02.00 Tyneside

        Release Date: 2nd February 2022

        What’s New

        • [John Scott Clann] Yoga Chikitsa series now fetches images for Asana playback from the web rather than having the images pre-baked into the App.
          • + This reduces the App bundle size
          • + Images are cached for subsequent referral
          •  – May lead to a slight delay on image refresh as the image is loaded.
        • Layout options for Member Area articles
          • Now previewing in the Clanns Online member area

         Bug Fixes & Improvements

        • General code tidy up and improvements

        01.01.00 Hootenanny

        Release Date: 14th January 2022

        What’s New

        • Add navigations buttons (back/forward/home) for content loaded from the web into the App hosted browser window.  This allows you to navigate within the loaded content hierarchy

         Bug Fixes & Improvements

        • [John Scott Clann] Bug fix btnInfo press for asana details resetting audio track to start if audio playing


        Launch Date: 23rd December 2021

        What’s New

        • First release of the Clanns Online Application for iOS and MacOS devices