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11. Modifying the Items in a Resource Collection

Resource Collections group items together into a grid layout.  On this view you can:

    1. See all the items that are in the selected collection
    2. See the order they will appear in
    3. See the item heights (for reference if bigger image needs more room)
    4. Remove an item from the collection

To add items to the collection select the ‘Update’ button (this will have ‘Update’ followed by the name of your collection.

To set item details (order, title, description, image height) also select the ‘Update’ button. 

Note that you can select an individual image by selecting on it (this currently does nothing)


What is It?:  Collection Maintenance

Appears: When a collection is selected 

What’s it for?:  Quick reference of the items in the collection, their order and for access to routines to add/remove items from the collection


OrderNumber0…Position this items appears in the collection
ImageImageAny sizeThe table will show a thumbnail of the item
NameStringImage file nameSet when the item is first uploaded
TitleStringImage titleAppears on Grids that support cards
DescriptionStringItem descriptionAppears Grids that support cards underneath the title
SizeNumberSize of the item in bytesSet when the item is first uploaded
HeightNumberPreferred height of the image in the gridNote that this is a requested height, not guaranteed height
MimeStringType of the itemCurrently limited to images 
ActionButtonUse to remove an item from the collection (destructive, no confirmation)


To edit multiple items at a time use the ‘Update’ button.  This allows you to add/remove/update information on each item in the collection.

If an item appears in multiple collections you can set its options independently. ie You could have an image appear bigger in one collection and then smaller in another