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11. Resource Collections (new: Feb 2022)

Resource Collections allow you to group images* together into a grid

    1. Select the Collections menu option and then the Images menu item
    2. Select ‘Create Collection’

*Images only at this time.  We plan on adding other mime types in the future


What is It?:  Grid of Images

Appears: Under the Collections Menu

What’s it for?:  Grouping together of a series of Images

ImagePNG/JPG Image Select via ‘Choose Image’
TitleCollection Title 


The Title is for your internal reference only (so you know what the collection contains)

Editting a Collection

When your Collection is created you’ll be returned to the Collection List.  To edit any details of a Collection select the image link under the ‘Image’ column.

Note that in the form that is now displayed you have the additional option to ‘enable/disable’ this collection from appearing in the Clanns Online App.  This lets you prepare content over a longer period

Also be aware of the ‘ColID‘ column in this table.  This is how you will reference this collection when adding it to an article/news item so it can be displayed to your members (for now)

To edit the items that are in the collection select ‘Items’ on the row of your collection