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On4. Branding

Let’s get a misconception straight right from the get-go:  

Clanns Online App does not build you a stand-alone App* 

You’re not rebranding the Clanns Online App with your own branding

What we’ve built is a little bit like a local restaurant app where each restaurant can show details about the food it’s cooking

What you provide is the ‘User Created Content’ that uniquely identifies your restaurant and all it’s offerings.  

We effectively take your branding – images, logos, wording – and adjust the Clanns Online App UI to bring your Clann to the fore, as if it was the ‘Restaurant of the Week’

And of course, people often eat from a variety of restaurants and we expect Clann Members to swap and change between Clanns just the same

    1. Select the Branding menu option and then the Brands menu item
    2. Select ‘Create Brand’


What is It?:  Brand Form

Appears: Under the Branding Menu

What’s it for?:  Specify the images that help showcase and indetify your Clann








Brand name


Usually the same as your Clan name

Main Image

File: Image

480 x 480 pixels


Only 1 dataset should be active at a time



– for future use



Login Image

File: Image

Login screen background



Loading Image

File: Image

– for future use



Profile Image

File: Image

Profile screen background



User Image

File: Image

Username screen background



Email Image

File: Image

Email screen background



Password Image

File: Image

Password screen background



Consent Image

File: Image

Consent screen background



Summary Image

File: Image

Account screen background



Details Image

File: Image

– for future use





Select to enable


Only set for one active Brand

Editting your Brand

When your Brand is created you’ll be returned to the Brand List.  To edit any details of your Brand select the image under the ‘Main’ column