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2. Creating your Clann

Firstly we’ll need to ask you some details about your clann.  We do this on the Clann page

    1. Select the Clann menu option and then the Clann menu item
    2. Select ‘Create Clann’


What is It?:  Clann Edit Form

Appears: Under the Clann Menu

What’s it for?:  Creating and updating basic information on your Clann

NameStringThe name of your ClannYogaly
BaseStringThe root for your ClannYogaly

Use the example generated on the form.  Do not allow any spaces!

Be very careful to set this correctly as it can not be changed once set!

Clann ImageFile: ImageThe Main Image480 x 480 pixels
Clann IconFile: ImageThe Main Icon72 x 72 pixelsUsed for image loading overlays
AboutStringWhat your Clann is aboutYogaly
Main LinkURLMain Website URLhttps://yogaly.company
List in CommunityCheckboxYes / NoYesAllows your Clan to appear in the Clan Directory or not
Clann TypeSelectionFarm
Please refer to the Clann Sizing Charts.  This is for order of guidance only and will be set by us as your Clann grows
SizeNumber1-10000150An estimated number of members you’d be expecting.  We’ll set this for you as your Clann grows

Editting your Clann

When your Clann is created you’ll be returned to the Clann List.  To edit any details of your Clann select the link under the ‘Name’ column