Clanns Online Portal Help – Welcome

Hi! Welcome to help and the quick start guide

To get your Clann online with the Clanns Online App we need to get some basic information from you about your Clann, setup the Clann App itself and begin the process of adding information you’re sharing for your Clann members.  

We suggest running through the Quick Start guide but you can use this handy list below that summarises the Stages of getting started to find areas you may not have looked at yet.  You can also use the ‘Help’ menu to the top of this page

Starter Pack Download

Get the starter pack here – click this to get all the files that we reference in the Quick Start Pack

Start Here

If this is your first time here we suggest simply clicking the ‘Quick Start’ button below and follow the steps there

Quick Starter Links

If you’re returning to this page and are some steps already into the setup process use these links below or the menu options at the top right of the page

Here are the steps to the Quick Start guide.  Most of these take several minutes only to complete, though we appreciate it might take you some time to pull together appropriate images, documents or videos

Things to do next

    1. Terms and Conditions

Member Area Content – Advanced

    1. Menus
    2. Side Scrolls
    3. Articles
    4. Set the Member Area to be Free