2. Registration

Clanns Online needs to track which Clann a member is associated with (to show them the content for that Clann) so we ask new members to register with us in order to do that

The registration process asks for the following information:-

  • Username
  • Email Address (and confirmation)
  • Password (and confirmation)
  • Agreement to Clanns Online Terms and Conditions
  • Agreement to Clanns Online Privacy Policy

Email Address

We use the Email address if a member needs to reset their password for their account. We do not send any marketing information directly and we do not pass anyones email address on to their Clann


The password needs to be 8 digits long, have one capital letter and 1 number

Terms and Privacy

We need all members of Clanns Online to agree to our terms and conditions and privacy policy. As we’re required to get each user’s approval as part of EU-GDPR and UK-GDPR for students resident in Europe and the UK, it’s just easier to ask everyone to agree to these

Note that Clanns Online is required by law to include certain clauses and features in the App that help prevent cases of Online Hate and Abuse. Clanns Online is in essence part Social Media, part Newspaper and therefore it’s essential that we follow the requirements for platforms for both these styles of Applications

The Clanns Online Application doesn’t currently support direct or indirect messaging from Clann Members either to the Clann Owners/Elders or to each other. Members cannot comment on News items, documents or in fact any content posted by a Clann. In that regard the information is like a waterfall – it’s only going one way – from the Clann to the members

Clanns Online does require each Clann to specifically agree to a fair use and ethics policy before we add them to the Clann Directory for members to access their content. As part of this policy, Clanns are expected to act responsibly, fairly and not to promote or support any form of Online Hate, Hate speach or anything that would in normal circumstances be contrary to the UK’s Online Abuse policy (see the Apps T&Cs and Policy for more details). Any Clann breaking these terms will have their content removed and made inaccessible immediately

Whilst we don’t expect any Clann to willfuly break this conditon we do know that a Clann may have specific views on a topic that others disagree with. This is all part of Human nature (different points of view)

There’s a thin line dance, however, between freedom of speach and online hate and abuse that we all have to make sure as best we can discuss any point of view with due consideration for the effect these may have on others

As part of Apple’s App guidelines, any Apps submitted through their App Store and made available to the general public are required to provide a means for its users to indicate any user generated content that may require further looking at. They do this as one means to protect users from potentially harmful content. Clanns Online provides this in the form of a ‘Content Objection’ request (we think we’re going to change the name of this)

If any member invokes this option, usually available as a thumb icon at the top right of the screen, the content in question is immediately blurred on that member’s device and a note is made to the Clann in question that an objection has now been raised against that content

If the Clann later exports any new content in the same area, any content identified in this way will not be included until it has been updated and any changes required applied – it’s actually physically removed from the payload of information sent to each device

Naturally a Clann may have very good reasons for including this content, and we would hope that any Clann was not setting out to deliberately provoke an adverse reaction, so will happily remove or ammend this content when this comes to light

Clanns Online has the final say in whether ANY AND ALL content can appear on the platform

Note that where it appears that content is actually quite acceptable, and ruling aside cases of error, if a member continually marks content as questionable to the detriment of any Clann, Clanns Online may suspend or remove the user’s account. It can be reinstated on appeal