8. Purchases

You can access information on your active and previous purchases with us via the ‘Purchases’ option on the secondary menu

To access the Purchases you will need to be logged in to your account. Log in using the Login view as normal

Once logged in, select the secondary menu by tapping on the menu-switch icon to the mid-right of the main menu area

Now select the ‘Purchases’ menu option. You should see details of the following items

  • Available
  • Active
  • Purchased

Available Purchases

This is a list of the In App Purchases that are available for the Clann that you currently have active. Note that Clanns may have different options for this. Some may prefer you to have a longer commitment to your membership, some may provide specific product only access. Clanns may also elect to offer their Member area for free. In this case you’ll not need to purchase anything to access the Member Area and it won’t show here

Active Purchases

This is where any active purchase will appear


This is where any previous purchase will appear