3. Logging In

Certain features of the Clanns Online App are only available to registered members. Once you have registered with us you can access these by logging in to the App

From the main menu select the Login menu option

Enter your Email address and Password credentials

Select ‘Login’ and then ‘Welcome! Enter Here’ when it appears

Note that if you forget to login and try and access a member only feature the App will direct you towards the Login view first

Once you are logged in, returning to the Login (or Logout) view will present you with only one option – ‘Logout’. Select this if you want to logout of your account

Note that if you hit the ‘home’ button when the application is running you may be required to login again (if your login credentials expire)

Also, when supplying your login credentials, if you make a mistake you may be presented with a specific error message. Usually it’s just a case of following the instructions on the message

If you forget your login credentials you can request a password reset. Simply logout of your account (if you are logged in) and from the login view, simply make sure that the password entry box is empty. A ‘Request Password Reset’ option should appear. Click this and follow the prompts to request a reset of your password