6. Clanns Directory

In order to select your first Clann you need to be registered with Clanns Online

Once you have registered and you’ve logged in to your account you can select your Clann by clicking on the ‘Clann Directory’ option from the Main Menu

If you have not already signed in (or registered) you will be prompted to complete these steps first

Selecting a Clann is simply a case of tapping on the row for the particular Clann you are interested in

If you happen to select a Clann you already have active a message saying that this is your current Clann will appear

Clanns Online comes with 2 initial Clanns plus those of our founding members. The initial Clanns are for Clanns Online itself and the test Clann ‘Rock n Roll’

‘Rock n Roll’ (or RnR) is a fictious band created for the sole purpose of showing members and prospective new Clanns the various features that the Clanns Online App supports. None of the material for this Clann is actually real! You should be able to see, for example, News and a Members Area that we’ve set out to show these features

We’re hoping to add new Clanns as time permits