1. Clanns Online Menus

There are two menus in the Clanns Online App

  • Main Menu
  • Secondary Menu

Main Menu

The main menu holds the main access points for content from your Clann. It’s also the jump off point for new registrations and access to the Members Area

Main Menu Items:-

  • App Access including registration, login and logout
  • Members Area (where available). Access to the content in the Member’s Area requires that a Clann member registers and signs in to their account. Member Areas can be free or require a subscription for access
  • News. This is where the main free content from your Clann is located. News items are broken down into a number of Categories where items on the same subject are grouped together. Member areas may include content that appears in the News at a later date
  • About. About cards detail information about the Clann, the Clann Elders or any specific detail about the Clann that it’s members should know about
  • Social Media. These cards provide a quick jump-off point to your Clann’s Social Media feeds where these exist for your Clann
  • Resources. Resource cards hold information that don’t fall neatly into the other areas of the App or information that Clann Elders want you to have ready access to
  • Clann Directory. From here you can find the other Clanns that members can switch to. Switching Clanns will activate that Clann’s branding and content. Remember that the News Areas always contain free information and this is a great place for Clanns to show potential new members what they are all about

Secondary Menu

The Secondary Menu is accessible via the menu icon on the main Clann information panel on the Main Menu. Tap this icon to switch to and from the secondary menu and back again.

Secondary Menu Items:-

  • Access. This option allows you to login/logout where required. Some of the options below on the Secondary Menu require you to be signed in to see, so it made sense for us to include this option here so you don’t need to continually flip back and forward to the Main Menu simply to sign in
  • Account Summary*. This view details your account information which you can change as required. You will be able to delete your own account here too if you registered an Account on the Clanns Online App itself
  • Purchases* details any avaialble, active or previously purchased subscriptions that you have made through the App
  • Privacy is very important to us. We detail the Clanns Online App’s Privacy notice here for you. The policy also includes a section on EU/UK GDPR (General Data Protection Requirements) that apply to residents from Europe and the UK. As our App Developers are UK based, and many of our members we hope will join Clanns from Europe and the UK, we have to abide by the GDPR requirements. For those members outside the EU/UK we will still endeavour to treat your information as if it were our own
  • Ts & Cs. The Terms and Conditions as laid out by each Clann. These general conditions should all follow the same principle of treating each other as we would ourselves like to be treated. We don’t think that’s an unreasonable request
  • App Credits. Applications like the Clanns Online App are never built entirely without any additional help and in this area we’re recognising the may places where our team found useful information, tech guides and code snippets, media content or even just incredibly useful and inspiring information. We think it’s only right to thank these people for their often unsung efforts. Thank you!

*These items will ask you to sign in first


When you close Clanns Online the App will remember the last Clann that was active, and when you re-open the App it will again show the content (updated with any new entries) from that Clann.
If you use a long hold on the menu switch button you’ll be able to see a handy pop-up dialog showing the version information for the app you’re currently using