5. Cards – About, Social Media, Resources

The Clanns Online App comes with a couple of pre-built sections for each Clann. This gives each Clann a similar look and feel so that members and non-members browsing through the content are familiar with where things are located

As well as the Members Area and News, the Clanns Online Cards is the third of these common areas

Cards support 3 different areas of information. These are About, Social Media and Resources

About Cards

About Cards provide a place for a Clann to provide information about themselves. This can be about the group that they represent, individuals or founding members that set the Clann up, or members of the Clann that the Clann wish to make other Clann members aware of such as the Clann Elders, those members who may actually be posting information on behalf of the Clann

Social Media Cards

Social Media cards are pretty self explanatory. They are used to collect the other Social Media presences that a Clann may have into one place. A Clann could for example have Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and any other online social media resources each with their own unique framework or platform. Rather than ask members to remember these we collect them here in on place for you

Clanns Online intention is not replace any existing social media outlets for our Clanns. We know that some people have a preference (or dislike) for one platform over another. Some people are visual, some digital, and others like to read. There’s nothing wrong with any of these so we try and embrace them all

Resource Cards

The Resource Cards were born out of a need for having a catchall area for information that might not readily fit anywhere else but was still important enough to a Clann for them to want to bring it to their members attention. Perhaps it’s a common document or article setting out information that each Clann member really needs to know, or some common piece of information that members always need to refer to and needs a prominent location in the App for easy access. Resource cards are here for that