Clanns Online App Help – Welcome

Hi! Welcome to Clanns Online and the quick start guide

The Information on this page essentially duplicates the information and videos that appear in the Resources section of the Clanns Online Clann in the App itself

Users of the Clanns Online app can access that information there without referring to the information here

Quick Start

Welcome to the quick start guide. This short guide and video should show you the basics of everything you need to know to quickly get up to speed on finding your way around the Clanns Online App and how to find your specific Clann’s content

In the Quick Start we’ll not spend a lot of time detailing every individual aspect of each feature, rather we’ll show you the jist of each and then leave it to you to explore further

Please refer to the resource guides belows for each section of the App:

We’ll show you the following:-

    1. Clanns Online Menus
    2. Registration
    3. Logging in
    4. News
    5. Cards – About, Social Media, Resources
    6. Clanns Directory
    7. Accounts
    8. Purchases