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Looking to create your own online digital Clann?  See how we can help you

Digital Clanns – Bringing Us All Together

If you’re here you’re probably looking for help with the Clanns Online App.  We’re hoping to have the App available for release very soon.  It’s passed all the checks it needed to when going through Apple’s App Store review process so we’re just working on some last minute decisions on the content that will be available when the App finally launches.  

In the meantime, you can either enter a search string in the input box above or select from the Help menu to get specific help on a Clanns Online feature.  If you still can’t see what you’re looking for, or the App is behaving wonky, feel free to drop us a line via the contact form

Helping you cross from here to there

When you’re faced with the difficulty of crossing an open area oftern you need to go up then across before reaching the other side.  When you build a bridge you need to be sure you have sound foundations on which to build and you may build out from both ends towards the middle or middle out.  However it’s done, the main thing is to get across to the other side and once the bridge is built you often over look all the thousands of steps it’s taken during construction to get it there

App Development is often the same.  Bridges from one place to the next.  You’re not that interested on how it works, just that it does!  And of course the App needs to have good, strong founcations too.